Libraries are so cool…

Imagine my surprise on learning recently that one can check out a dog at the library! To me a well-known animal lover (who would say Awww! even if I saw a baby iguana…although I am not fond of frogs and snakes) I would absolutely love if my public library offered patrons a chance to borrow a dog or cat for a few minutes. Of course, animals are not self-sufficient and they would require persons to see to their upkeep and general well-being, but nevertheless, that is a totally cool idea. ūüôā

Oftentimes libraries really need to think outside the box, in order to get patrons to visit them. In my case, as someone who lost a pet at the tender age of thirteen (13) and never wanted another one to suffer the heartbreak of such a loss, I would definitely be willing to visit the library to borrow a dog.

As our best friends, dogs, are like kids, they can definitely put a smile on your face when they start their repertoire of cute antics, which means that you end up having a few blissful moments to just enjoy an animal, without having to bathe it, feed it or to worry about if it’s chewing your shoes while you’re at work.

So I hope that many librarians,¬†take a page out of the Countway¬†Library of Medicine’s book and think about whether such an initiative would be a success at your library.

To read up on the library’s innovative stress relief weapon Cooper you can click on the following link¬†Doggone that stress.

Also if there are libraries out there that have already taken such a bold step I would love to hear about it so don’t be afraid to comment.

Therapy Dog Cooper

Loise Francisco and her dog Cooper, who is a therapy dog available to faculty, staff and students on the Medical School campus of Harvard University. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer


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