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Over the years I’ve grown to love the library and all the initiatives that seasoned librarians, as well as, library students, have created to increase the statistics, in terms of, library usage. I’m always excited when I hear someone talk about a book that they are reading or discuss a library event that they are eager to attend.

Yet, lately, I’ve seen persons ever connected to some type of technology, whether it is playing video games, scrolling twitter or Facebook on their smart phone or tablet and even instant messaging their BFFs. Even when I’m heading home, after a long day at the office I notice many people who are plugged in. Although I have nothing against one having a past time that involves technology I find that many persons can’t tell you when was last they read a book, or worse yet, when they visited the library.

Right now I’m going through “book withdrawal” since I haven’t read an actual book, in its physical form (I’m a sucker for books in print), for over a month (with the last book I read being “The Farming of Bones” by Edwidge Danticat). Recently, our national library (NALIS) held the NGC Bocas Literary Festival (Bocas Lit Fest) and I felt horrible that I couldn’t attend any of the events like the exhibitions (this year there was one for Gabriela Mistral, a Chilean poet, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945), the one-on-ones and the screening of films.

In my opinion, I find it very disappointing when persons scorn their libraries or the whole concept of reading a book. In fact, one of the main reasons for me deciding to become a librarian is the possibility of being able to foster a love of reading and a love for the library in other persons.

I hope that many people would soon realize that libraries have a lot to offer and that reading helps open one’s mind to knowledge and entertainment. For instance, some libraries like Ann Arbor District Library offer fun events like short story competitions, nature walks, as well as, provide tons of information on new books. Even our national library offers DVDs, movie hour for the kids, lectures, book talks, classes for the elderly and other fun activities.

If your neighbourhood library is a dynamic library, with a lot of fun activities like Ann Arbor District Library or even like our national library, I suggest you visit and see if there is anything that you like, trust me you won’t regret it. 🙂 However, if your library seems to be lacking, get on the complain train, start petitions and get those in authority to make a change because it would be for the best.

For more information on the the Bocas Lit Fest, please click on the link below:

And for those of you who want to see what a dynamic library has to offer check out Ann Arbor District Library website on the link below (or from Libblogs home page):

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