The Evolution of Storytime

Libraries have always held a special place in my heart. From the time I was a young student, fascinated by books and the worlds they opened up to me, to my recent studies in the field of library science, where I have learnt how a library can adapt to their users’ needs.

Indeed, reading a recent article I was glad to see a few libraries transforming storytime to impact early learning in the lives of toddlers and preschoolers. For example, Morton Grove (IL) Public Library, introduced a storytime initiative to help younger children deal with their emotions such as anger and fear, as well as, providing parents guidance to deal with milestones.

At the Brooklyn Public Library a new program called Science Baby introduces children ages 0 – 3 to science concepts, such as gravity, through a three-step process of story, repetition and play.

Both Morton Grove Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library, also, have programs geared towards digital media and tech exposure, which can be a great asset to parents who are unsure of how to navigate the multitude of applications available to their children.

Other libraries such as the Baltimore County Public Library have introduced significant play areas so that their young patrons can develop their fine motor skills and learn about concepts such as spatial relations.

Having such initiatives available to their community provides a meaningful foundation both for the child and their parent. One I am quite sure can positively impact the lives of all those involved.

Persons wishing to read the original article can view it at Little Patrons, Big Ideas.


Storytime by New Jersey Library Association

Storytime by New Jersey Library Association (CC)




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