Blogs can be great…

As I skim through my small collection of blog favorites I am especially pleased to see the work that has been done in the Ann Arbor District Library blog. One can find various activities offered for a particular week , which not only involves reading but other fun activities such as hiking, competitions , craft, computer classes and even yoga.

Having such an integrated approach helps attract persons to the library environment in ways that speak to their personality. As someone who loves hiking I would jump at such an activity if it was offered at my public library.

In this way library patrons can be supported in some of their extracurricular activities through their library which helps grow a sense of comraderie with librarians, library staff and other patrons who may be attending similar events.

Have you visited a library blog near you yet? 🙂

Who knows maybe you will find some very interesting activities.


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Passionate about libraries and books. I also love a good movie, and music that makes you want to get up and dance.
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