Speed dating at Uni…

As librarians, it can be very heartbreaking when one encounters someone, especially a child, who does not like to read. If one is an avid reader, like me, the first thing that comes to mind is “Why!” :(. Yet, as unlikely as it may seem, such children do exist since their interest wasn’t bred in the early stages of their development. One lovely method I read about for coping with such a problem was “speed-dating books” which was carried out Uni High School by the librarian and a teacher. First the students were given a free-reading assignment, in which they had to choose any science non-fiction book and answer a few questions. Then, for two minutes they were asked to “sell” their books to their partner.

Reading about such an initiative just brought a smile to my face. Initially, I was very curious but as I read I just knew that it was an overall success story and definitely something for teachers and especially parents to carry out on their weekly library trips with their kids.

For details about the assignment one can clink on the link that follows: http://www.uni.illinois.edu/libraryblog/january_2013/speed_dating


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