Trying to reach younger clients of a library…

A library can be an exciting and fun place, even though one has to obey certain rules. However, there are some younger clients who do not see the importance of the library and use the library as  a means for escaping their parents’ scrutiny and to spend time with their friends. Such reasons may create an almost hostile and loud environment that some librarians would be afraid  to venture into.

In some instances their behaviour could simply be a cry for help or a lack of direction in their lives.Yet, as librarians we must not see those younger clients as unresolvable problems but seek the means to open up their minds to their potential and the possibilities around them.

One such method would be to have poetry reading or short story competitions to give them a chance to express themselves and in some instances resolve the issues that they may be experiencing such as a low self esteem. By choosing this avenue or any similar endeavor librarians could be the mentors to future professionals, innovators and even authors in the various communities.

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One Response to Trying to reach younger clients of a library…

  1. spmcknight says:

    Whenever we start to see the younger clients as “unresolvable problems”, I think we are failing in our duties as future librarians/librarians. Instead we should teach them how to use the library effectively, as well as to believe in themselves. When we were younger there have been persons who were patient with us and invested their time and energy in us.

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