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In Alexa’s blog, see link she relates her feeling on Library Success:a best practices wiki and its use by librarians to diseminate information.  However, I am sure that many persons may have wanted to know more about the advantages and disadvatages of a wiki as much as I did. In doing research I sourced some advantages and disadvatages based on a study done at the University of Minnesota.

If any of you are interested in seeing more information on the assessment of various technologies including blogs, podcasting and others click on the link below:

Presentation to Classrooms of the Future: Crictical Reflections on Technology by Helen Mongan-Rallis and Terri Shannon

Advantages of wikis

1.Very easy to create and edit with no understanding of html or web page design

2.Efficient method of students sharing and organizing information

3.In addition to the text on the page, any type of digital file can be uploaded to and shared by linking to them from the wiki page

4.Can be open to the public for viewing and editing, or limited to specific individuals for viewing only or viewing and editing

5.Students can collaborate on assignments without having to meet synchronously

Disadvantages of wikis

1.The simple design of the wiki and the need to keep formatting simple limits the complexity of the documents that can be created in a wiki

2. Even though nothing can be destroyed in a wiki, the original formatting is lost, meaning that it can be time consuming to recreate what was deleted

3.It is not always obvious what has been altered (unless users each agree to use a different color font, but this requires coordination of effort that can stifle the ease of use of the wiki


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3 Responses to More on Wikis

  1. sweetnatz says:

    I remember miss asked the class the definition of wikis and its functions in library services so I really value your research. The advantages that I find interesting are the ability for users to view and edit data and the collaborating on assignments without meeting or operating at the same time.

  2. Thank you this was very helpful, we as library students need to keep abreast of current technological trends and be aware of the best ways to utilize these advances to benefit our libraries. However, we should always conduct researches into the pros and cons of using these technological tools.

  3. spmcknight says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips it was well appreciated.

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