Technology in libraries… some points on how it can be done

In viewing the class blog, see link:   I noticed that there were a few comments about the appropriateness of using technology in the library especially in terms of having to train clients. Indeed technology should not be used simply because it is something new and interesting. However, in some instances by taking risks and exploring other options(such as online catalogs) libraries may find out that using a particular type of technology can improve their productivity and the number of clients visiting the library or using their services. (Which in most cases is a good thing)

Of course libraries may have to train some of their staff as well as some of their clients when employing new technological aspects within the library, since not everyone may be aware of them, but that is expected as part of the territory. One must not assume that persons are unable to learn anything new, simply because of their age, educational background etc., but if it is so libraries/librarians should be willing to lend a willing hand, since as disseminators of information, there are times when we are required to serve. Even if it is a difficult task to train users and staff, sometimes it is by overcoming difficulties we realize our strength.

I recently found an interesting video, that highlighted  changing trends in libraries, and how the use of technology should be approached particularly in academic libraries. However, if one applies what is said to their particular library situation in truth one may find a bit of inspiration…(See link below)

Building Academic Library 2.0 by Meredith Farkas

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2 Responses to Technology in libraries… some points on how it can be done

  1. I agree that technology should be used in our libraries to ensure that we are providing the best service possible to clients. The fact that some of them may not know how to use the technology can be easily rectified by having orientation sessions for members of the public. I know that the National library has computer literacy class, these classes can be easily modified to introduce persons to the new technology.

  2. spmcknight says:

    True we must not put barriers in the way of persons’ learning because of their age differences. What matters most is the person’s willingness to learn. As a paraprofessional we should be exercising patience, especially with older clients.
    Thanks for sharing the video, it has very much explored the future of technology in libraries. It also touches on the way library staff should meet the needs of their users, because when we know our users it helps us to provide a better service to them.

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