What it takes to be a paraprofessional/librarian in the library…

In reading the qualities of a paraprofessional from Joy’s blog, see the link: http://joy4evr.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/paraprofessionals-qualities/  it is good to note that she highlighted the fact that one should love their job.  By being passionate it may be easier to face some of the difficulties experienced on the job.

I have always noted the comments that people make when asked their reason for choosing to be  a librarian  or a paraprofessional. In most instances it is either because they love to read books, they are changing their career or they are looking for a retirement job. These are all good reasons but in truth being a paraprofessional in a library or even a librarian could be a highly unappreciated job.

One has to work harder than most would think possible plus in most instances, unless working in an ideal position they would not be highly paid. Also, if one chooses to be the library technician, librarians may regard one with a certain level of disdain due to one’s lack of higher qualifications (Master’s Degree). Yet, being a library paraprofessional or a librarian can indeed be a rewarding job if one truly understands its worth and knows that they could make a difference especially with many of the changes that have occurred through automation.

The link below highlights one library worker’s experience and some of the trends and difficulties noticed while on the job.

A Tale of Two Offices by Elaine Farragher

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2 Responses to What it takes to be a paraprofessional/librarian in the library…

  1. Kay says:

    I do believe that people who are not into the profession of library work really do not understand what librarians do and what their job entails, sometime ago I told someone that I’m studying to be a librarian their comment “that boring job”? my reply was that maybe it was like that before but it is not so any more with the advancement of modern technology information given out is totally different!

  2. spmcknight says:
      A lot of persons have chosen this profession since they believe it is a very relaxing job. However, little do they know, it is quite a demanding job although it can be quite rewarding when we see the accomplishment written all over our patrons’ faces .

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