What does a library or a librarian look like?

I have recently viewed the blogs of two of my classmates (Vidya and Nathalie) and there seems to be a need to challenge what persons see the library and a librarian as.

Nathalie did this by highlighting an excerpt about library jobs, while Vidya placed a linked to an interesting website called the daring librarian.

Firstly, the excerpt that Nathlie posted,  looked at working in a library as a viable career option and the various possibilities that could exist in the workplace.

The website linked on Vidya’s blog , on the other hand, looked at the appearance of a librarian, asking persons (librarians) to submit pictures of themselves and the way in which they wish to be represented to the world other than the usual stereotype (a very cool endeavor indeed).

Therefore, the fact remains that the majority of the world isn’t really clear on what libraries are like or even the persons who are in charge of them.

In many instances, when I have told perons that I am studying library science they have quipped “Yeah, you look like a librarian”, but just because I tend to wear my hear back and act like a mean school matron (only when necessary) does not mean that I resemble the various librarians across the world.

Thus, it is necessary for future librarians to always challenge persons to :-

  1. Think ouside their stereotypical, outdated box and see the diverse melange of librarians and libraries and
  2. Be wowed by the various possibilities.
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4 Responses to What does a library or a librarian look like?

  1. joy4evr says:

    This is soooo true, i’m beginning to dislike this phrase “yeah you look like a librarian”. The field of Library Science and the professions associated with it have been stereotyped beyond words, that I have vowed to endeavour to change the views of everyone that I interact on what a librarian looks like and their warped view/idea of librarians and libraries alike.

  2. alexaslodge says:

    I like it when people look at me confused and say “Well you don’t look like a librarian.” because they do not expect to see a young person perusing an education on Library and Information Studies. If I can just change a few minds on what a “librarian” should be then I think that’s a good thing.

  3. spmcknight says:

    Yes the views some people hold about librarians are very incorrect. I think it’s time that persons in this field change the mindset of those persons, after all librarians are the one who connect people to ideas. View more on why the world needs librarians at:

  4. Nadine Mitchell says:

    In the past librarians had mainly matronly features. However, I believe in today’s society one cannot distinguish those who are librarians unless the person lets one know that he or she is in that field. Librarians today do not have the “look” that was customary long ago. I have met some librarians who work both in public and special libraries and I did not even know they were librarians. One would not be able to tell a librarian today simply by the way the person looks.

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