Libraries are important too (Case of Orange Public Libraries)


Why haven’t some people realised the importance of libraries? Libraries across the world serve a great number of people in terms of allowing them to do research and entertain themselves. It’s quite disheartening when library staff have to beg like dogs for required funds to support the needs of their users.

The Orange Public Libraries (Wheeler Memorial and Moore-Leland Library) presently are suffering just such a predicament since their funding has been cut by more than twenty five percent (25%) over the last two years. Although this may seem like a small amount this would mean that limited library hours and the availability of services.

People who are unable to afford personal computers, movies, books and other resources (for whatever reseaon such as: other priorities /the fact that their hobby might drain their savings/they don’t work) depend on the free services  offered by libraries. Not everyone is in a position to have these privilieges given to them outside of the library. If persons in authority were able to understand that, and at least care for other persons, libraries may be a cherished commodity for future users. Until that happens library professionals would just have to make the best of any situation and continue to plead their case.

The comic below, sourced from highlights tthe importance of libraries to provide a service.

In search of free music, novels and internet use Nancy comes face to face with the library 

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