Changes at Uni

The newly purchased Nook side by side with a document from Uni’s library dated 1948

While persons were enjoying the festivities of Carnival, the librarian of the Uni library purchased a nook for its users. It would seem that library staff were amazed by the presence of having such a device while still being able to offer hard copy documents. How many times have persons argued that such devices would be the death of books in the print form? I hope other libraries can take a “page out of Uni’s book” and offer their users both the print books and the ebook devices, since persons all have different preferences. Personally, I love a good hard copy book, but who is to say that if someone gave me a nook or some such similar device that I would refuse it. It may so happen that I like it more than the books I own. Who knows only the future will tell. I hope persons enjoy their reading regardless of its format.

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